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The Liquidity Provider for NFT Derivatives

Catalyst is an investment platform providing synthetic derivatives for the NFT-market

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why catalyst

What are Synthetic NFT Derivatives?

Invest in the NFT-market with broad-spectrum indices by purchasing our cAssets.

Invest in the entire NFT-market with cNFT. For specific sections of the NFT-market, you can invest in art NFTs with our cArt, virtual worlds by buying cMeta.

Catalyst's Synthetic NFT Derivatives bring liquidity and simplicity to an ever-growing NFT-market.


Catalyst Features

Catalyst - People

Simplify NFT Investments

Invest in cAssets, which tracks the value of NFTs being sold in a market

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Liquidity Providers are rewarded with Lyst

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NFT collectors / investors will now have a tool to manage market risk

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Lyst Uses

Catalyst - Global

Exchange comission

Exchange fees will be used to purchase and burn Lyst

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Create and vote on new proposals for cAssets

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CDP fees

Fees generated from opening / closing CDPs will be used to purchase and burn Lyst

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Catalyst - Hero BG